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  • Welcome to the Next Generation of Web TV

    We are developers of Zenither a TV Anywhere platform that allows you to watch digital television channels and movies on your phone and other connected devices!


    Zenither is cable TV without the cable; like if Hulu combined with Comcast Cable, yet our system can be used by both major media companies and indie digital first content creators to operate global TV networks. It takes the best aspects of the traditional TV business model and combines it with the best aspects of digital video on demand services.

    Zenither is the ONLY platform we know of that allows publishers absolute control over their content from programming, scheduling to true monetization. Our ultimate goal is to level the playing field so that indie content publishers have the same business tools and opportunity for success as major media conglomerates do. Everything about the technology we have created is designed to achieve this dream.


    With our patented (no. 10,244,279) 'Dynamic TV Broadcasting' system you'll never need to setup DVR again! Just scroll back on the channel guide to watch any show released earlier in the day, or search for it! You can also click on Station logos to find their channel pages to watch libraries of VOD shows and movies!


    You can find our apps for iOS, Android and web browser for download at www.zenither.com


    This isn't a Kickstarter project. When you invest into Zenither you aren't buying a t-shirt, you're buying stock in a digital television broadcasting company.

    The Market Opportunity

      • More than two-thirds of U.S. homes have devices that are able to stream video. (Source: Nielsen)
      • Americans are now streaming nearly 8 billion hours per month on connected TV devices like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. (Source: Nielsen)
      • 73% of adults 18+ who typically watch streaming OTT video say they watch ad-supported OTT video. (Source: IAB)
    • Would you invest at least $100, or more?

      If you would purchase at least $100 of shares in our company, please fill out this form. We'll contact you via email and mobile SMS when our campaign goes live.


      Our Offering:

      $10/share of Common Stock, representing a $17,535,512.5 pre-money valuation│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $25,627,387.5.

    • Our fundraising campaign is primarily to allow us to further enhance the existing mobile apps with new features and complete the Smart TV apps for Roku, Android TV & Amazon Fire TV.

      The ZENITHER app allows all of the management functions of a television network to be handled using nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. The platform brings all of the features of a conventional TV broadcaster such as CRM, billing, CDN, user analytics etc.. to an over-the-top (OTT) service. We are a complete solution for content creators and aggregators to create their own channels and sell their own advertisement spots, while also having the opportunity to receive carriage fees and easily license their content to other channels for second-runs showings.

      In traditional broadcasting, network scheduling is a full-time position. Our user friendly interface helps publishers create an episodic programming guide in minutes using our 'Episode Container' system. Our proprietary algorithm utilizes 15+ data points including ratings, keywords and broadcast time to organize your content into Episode Containers designed to keep your audience engaged. The end result is a simple process with minimal learning curve and low maintenance time. Now anyone can utilize TV block programming strategies to curate video content for discoverability using a drag and drop interface. No technical skills required!

      Some of our digital first content publishers streaming shows and channels on Zenither.




      After successfully raising money through a Reg CF raise conducted in 2017 on StartEngine and receiving an additional $1.3M from an accredited angel investor in 2018, we turned our prototype into a professional platform with applications for web browser, Android and iOS mobile devices. We launched a small marketing campaign in October 2018 and gained over 25,000 installs of our mobile apps and 9,000+ registered users, and we've continued to receive regular installs now reaching 40,000+. We have also secured rights to a library of over 2,000 titles from both digital first publishers and major studio films. Our channel guide currently delivers content from over 80 channels, including several live feeds from major TV networks. We've also signed distribution deals with companies such as Gravitas Ventures, PopcornFlix, and the European Television Guild.

      If this funding round is successful we expect to launch smart TV apps for Zenither into the market by the final quarter of 2019. Around 60% of a Roku TV app is already completed!

      We also expect to acquire several hundred more channels throughout 2019 and intend to make available tens of thousands of on demand films and TV shows for viewers to watch. Your funding will help us achieve this.


      With our Zenither TV Anywhere platform we have built “cable TV without the cable“. We believe our PATENTED technology can allow us to be the #1 TV carrier in the world. This is a boastful statement but it is one based upon the strength of the technology which we have imagined and engineered. It’s not a hypothetical; to our knowledge, we are doing TV broadcasting in a way that nobody else is doing it and which we believe is the future way all TV broadcasters will operate.

      To date MBS, Inc. has 1 patent awarded (no. 10,244,279) and 10 patent applications pending that cover our innovative broadcasting method. It is our intention to completely control this new method of digital TV broadcasting and video streaming distribution. Zenither is FAR MORE than simply "yet another video streaming app"; we're an entirely new technology platform for the distribution of TV programming to audiences. This means our technology has potentially lucrative value to ALL CONTENT PUBLISHERS, even competitors such as Disney, Viacom and Netflix. For this reason we expect to work with many of the content publishers who are currently operating competitor apps and eventually bring them into our ecosystem. We see them eventually integrating our Dynamic TV broadcasting technology into their own services.

      Ultimately Zenither's end game is to replace traditional TV distributors like Comcast, DISH and DirecTV to be the next great TV carrier service: Cable TV without the cable!


      At its core the business of television is advertising. The global television advertising market alone is over $200 Billion (source). The North American market alone is forecast to grow from 73 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to around 75 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and 82 billion in 2020 (source).

      With the Zenither app, third-party Station owners can sell their own ad inventory at higher prices than ad exchanges do, but they will also have the option to sell some of their ad inventory through the display network owned by MBS Inc (which will operate similarly to AdWords for Video). From these transactions MBS Inc. will take a 25% commission on ad revenue from any ads served through our ad display system (as compared to YouTube's 45% commission).

      Furthermore MBS Inc. operates several Stations on Zenither and sell ads against the content on these stations the same way that cable providers like Time Warner and Comcast operate their own TV stations on their services. We believe there is an enormous opportunity here to tap into the television advertising market as it transitions from traditional broadcasting into digital video.

      The Zenither apps produced by MBS, Inc. can also support premium a la carte channel bundles for subscribers at a price similar to Netflix, which generates $8.83 Billion US in revenue in 2016 (source). We believe we can also tap into this market by allowing third party content owners to operate premium stations on Zenither which require a monthly paid subscription to watch.


      If you like the idea of owning part of a next-generation digital television carrier that is going after a $200 Billion market (source), then you should invest into us. We're swinging for the fences but all great rewards come with some amount of risk.

      Also consider this; you can't go back in time to invest into Google, Time Warner or Disney when they first started out but YOU CAN invest into Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. which seeks to become a company of the same size and scale as these aforementioned companies and we believe possesses a sound business plan for accomplishing this feat considering our our goal is to replace their entire TV distribution systems with our Dynamic TV Broadcasting systems which renders the existing technology powering their TV networks obsolete. Furthermore we've built a proprietary ad system that has all of the features of Google's AdWords but is optimized specifically for the needs of television advertisers.

      A lot of people have many different ideas about how wealth can be acquired. Our founder Carey Martell believes wealth is best obtained through early access to private companies with promising business models. We believe such an opportunity sits before you on this page. The question you must ask yourself is this; will you take a chance on this opportunity? Carey has invested his own money into this venture and now you can invest your own alongside him.


      For this round we are valuing our company at $17.5M pre-revenue. This is because Zenither is more than just another OTT app. Our patented Dynamic TV Broadcasting technology can be licensed to other carriers for potentially lucrative fees. OTT related patents are considered particularly desirable in portfolios with major companies such as Disney focused on acquiring them. Having filed 11 patents surrounding its technology & with one patent already having been granted, the company is well positioned for a future acquisition. As an example of this potential value, Akamai paid $107M for the OTT patent portfolio owned by Octoshape. (Source)

      One of the key strengths of Zenither is our unique platform features which other competitors do not possess. It is well accepted by analysts that the majority of OTT apps possess near identical features when compared to one another. Even T-Mobile recently announced they were postponing their plans for a new streaming TV service because they did not want to produce a garden variety streaming service and had no original ideas on how to differentiate from existing competitors from a technology standpoint. (Source)

      Many OTT apps use a technology stack that is primarily licensed from third parties, with the source code not directly owned by the company running the streaming service. Wholly original OTT platforms with unique source code are therefore very lucrative. As an example, Verizon’s go90 platform was originally formed using assets and talent acquired from Intel's OnCue streaming service, which Verizon acquired for around $200 million in January 2014. OnCue had never left the prototype stages; the platform was never released by Intel into the market. It acquired no customers nor generated any revenue; the value was purely in its technology. This transaction showcases the extraordinary value that original OTT platforms possess in the market. (Source)

      The fact that Zenither is a wholly unique code base not dependent on a stack of licensed software from third parties makes Zenither on face value more valuable than other OTT app competitors which do not own their technology, and whose only value is in userbase data and paid subscriptions. Furthermore Zenither possess a robust proprietary ad display system that is capable of programmatically serving ads into live linear feeds in such a way that ad blocking software cannot be used to skip the ads, which is very unique.

      Lastly we have financial projections showing that by year 5 we expect to reach $355M in revenue. These projections are conservative as they project we will have 600,000 subscribers to our basic premium service package, with at least 480,000 of these customers subscribed to at least one add-on tier package for additional channel offerings (such as ethnic based programming). We also project at least 3,194, 797 ads to be delivered per day by year 5 which equates to around 480K viewers watching at least one hour of content per day. As our competitors in this space have anywhere from 2.3M (Sling TV) to 58M (Netflix) domestic customers we believe our userbase goals and projections are realistic and obtainable. (Sources 1, 2)


      That's a forward looking statement for a product not yet generating revenue so we honestly cannot tell you what your investment into Zenither could be worth in the future. But we can tell you this.


      Our valuation in 2017 during our opening Reg CF was $5M at $1 a share.

      This year we are valuing the company at $17.5M, at $10 per share.


      Our goal is to become a company with a valuation exceeding $1 Billion within the next 10 years.


      Again, that being said, we are not Uber or Netflix. We are our own startup with its own unique advantages and challenges.


      While be believe we have a great opportunity, no one can project the future performance of the company with any degree of certainty, and we make no guarantees about future returns or performance.

    • Meet Our Executive Team

      Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.

      Carey Martell

      President & Chairman of the Board



      Carey Martell is a serial entrepreneur with a long history in the digital video space. He has been President, Secretary & Director of Martell Broadcasting Systems from January 2014 to present.


      Carey also founded the Power Up TV multi-channel network which sold to Thunder Studios on January 1st 2015. As part of the acquisition he then served as Vice President of Thunder TV until September 17th 2015.

      Carey is also the author of several popular books related to growing a business around YouTube channels, including 'How to Start Your Own YouTube Network: An Insider's Guide'.


      Prior to his role at MBS, Carey served in the US Army for 5 years, including one tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carey is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.


      Akim Anastopoulo

      Board Director



      Akim A. Anastopoulo became a Board Director in MBS, Inc. on March 20th 2018. Akim's primary occupation is as a partner in Anastopoulo Law Firm, LLC, based in Charleston, a position he has held since 2013. He specializes in personal injury, automobile accidents and injuries, premises liability, and products liability. He has litigation experience in civil, criminal, class action and state and federal appeals cases. Anastopoulo has been practicing law in the Charleston, South Carolina area for 20 years.


      Akim also played the starring role of judge on National Lampoon’s syndicated court show, Eye for an Eye, from 2003 through 2009.

      Eric Perez

      Head of Programming


      Eric spent two years working with influencers managing their social media brands and providing hands-on consultation for their revenue streams as a talent manager for Screenwave Media, a YouTube MCN. He graduated Magna Cum Laude at Texas A&M University.

      Christoper Yan

      Head of Content

      Christopher has spent more than a decade producing, acquiring and distributing content for major Hollywood studios as well as pioneering deals in the digital frontier. His earlier work in the film industry led to highly successful box office hits (The Saw Franchise) as well as award winning and critically acclaimed films (Crash, Academy Award for Best Picture 2006).


      Christopher Yan

      Head of Content, Zenither

      "Plain and simple, Carey is a visionary. What he is achieving with Zenither is the next evolution of Television - truly merging today's cord cutting tech with traditional user experiences. Like all stories, Carey's is broken into three acts:


      Act 1: Realizing and Identifying the problems and bad experiences current video apps continue to propagate.


      Act 2: Funneling his energy into "building a better mousetrap". And finally, where we are today,


      Act 3: Launching and scaling the product.


      Carey has cobbled together every possible resource he could find to put his vision in place. And through sheer grit and determination, the Zenither platform was conceived, developed and now finally completed - all within 18 months.


      I can't emphasize enough how impressive the Zenither platform is. With an eye towards empowering the content creator, Zenither offers solutions to problems that have plagued the video industry for years. Problems that companies like YouTube and PlutoTV still haven't solved - brand safe advertising, true monetization and transparency for the creators just to name a few important ones. Where the competition has essentially taken old broadcasting tech and repurposed it as an app, Carey's Zenither platform is a complete ecosystem that is robust with products and functionality unlike anything in the video landscape: superior searchability, on demand features, a cloud based DVR, user integration, social media posting, product merchandising, data analytics that content owners can access to maximize their video strategy.


      Most importantly, I have come to know and respect Carey outside of the business. The best way to describe him is caring and loyal, someone that will choose to do the right thing even if it has a negative personal consequence. And he is unwavering and committed as a leader. He's not singular in his vision but he is singular in how he treats people on his way to achieving that vision. Zenither is Next."

      Tremain Hayhoe

      Film Director, Hayhoe Studios

      "Carey is an excellent founder. He has pioneered and is in the process of revolutionizing the television industry as we know it. He now owns patents on technology that is way ahead of the curve of every single multi-billion dollar media organization. There is no doubt that Carey's vision, expertise, and leadership will lead to Zenither being a very profitable company."

      Luis Aburto

      CEO, Scio software developer

      "I've known Carey for about 10 years and thru that time he has shown a degree of persistence and focus that is very rare. As an entrepreneur he has faced many challenges and setbacks, but always seems to come back stronger and more determined. He knows very well his target market and has a clear vision of a much needed alternative for video content creators around the world that want to have more autonomy than what YouTube offers. His product is ready and tested, now he just needs to scale it."

      Linda Blackmon

      CEO, Extend My Staff

      "Carey has a vision for his company and he understands the landscape he is working in very well. He has put a tremendous amount of work into this platform."

      Rod Aburto

      Service Delivery Manager, Scio software developer

      "Carey is a visionary, one who is resilient and continues to improve his vision over the years. I have worked along Carey and I can assure anyone about Carey's professionalism and drive."

      Eric Perez

      Head of Programming, Zenither

      "I’ve worked with him first hand and have personally seen development of Zenither, he has a lot of great ideas and business plans, he just needs some help thru funding."

      Petros L. Ioannou

      Producer, My Life as a Video Game web series

      "Carey has had a vision of this since Netflix was in its infancy, he bided his time and waited for the technology to get to the point he could develop this platform at. I run a video production company that is often forced not to create the things I want because financially the internet is a minefield of pot luck. Carey has always believed and had the statistical know-how to match and grow a platform like this. He knows the demands on a creator's side because, like me, he once was one and probably still would be. He's not a programmer, he's an artist with the brain of a mathematician and that's a deadly combo."